Get on with it. Get organized.

Take that first step and the next one will follow. Every business has its own vision of success and we are going to help you define it. Then we are going to get you organized to achieve it.

Calmwaters believes in consistent, organized messaging. That’s branding. We want to make your brand shine, we want to define your message and then brand the heck out of it. And then we will back it up with great soft and hard marketing collateral materials. We want to produce your printed pieces, source promotional items & corporate wear, make sense of social media for you and create an awesome website to bring it all into your virtual storefront.


You should make friends with technology. Technology is fun. It will make your business more efficient. It will make your business more profitable. It will free up your time to do the parts of your job that you enjoy. Calmwaters can help you make friends with technology because we are already friends with it. Great friends! We love it…it loves us. Let us introduce you two and watch your relationship blossom.

Business Consulting

Calmwaters loves to get to know all types of business and help them find ways to get organized and gain business intelligence. We are in fact relentless organizers. We don’t just come in and get your books organized, we try to find efficiencies that will help your business succeed.


Calmwaters loves developing websites. This is your “storefront” for now and evermore. So let’s get one done and let’s make it great. From simple “gotta have a webpage even though I have nothing to say” sites to content & design drive sites we have you covered. And then we can educate you on how to keep your site current and traffic driven. You can take control of your storefront, or leave it to us. Either way we want to be a apart of your team.

Your success is the measure of Our success.

  • Our Mission Statement

    Calmwaters is going to work with companies to define their vision of success and then get them organized to achieve it.

  • Our Core Belief

    The biggest step to success is knowing what your vision of it is, and then the best way to achieve that success is to clear the distractions out of the way. Organization is the key to clearing the distractions. And getting on with it is the key to organization.

  • Our Mantra

    Get on with it. Get organized. Take that first step and the next one will follow.

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Calmwaters relies on our partner relations. They make us shine. So we can make you shine.
Intuitive Accounting Programs
We love these programs. Robust, feature filled but intuitive to use. They have great pricing, great support and great training. This is our go-to program for accounting. Calmwaters loves to educate clients on Quickbooks. We will come in to set you up and show you how great these programs are to use. We can migrate you from your current program. And we would love to stay on to maintain your books. Or we will get out of the way once you are confident enough to carry on without us.
All Your Docs, In One Place.
You have to get this app! Seriously, get it! Calmwaters would love to show you how to use this and you will thank us. All financial docs in one place, fetched by this app. Not by you! With Hubdoc, all your financial documents will be automatically imported and then magically distilled & exported into data you can use.
Our Swanky Swag Guys
Leed’s is the premier supplier of high-quality promotional products, with goods ranging from pens and drinkware to bags and mobile tech. With an in-house product development team and dozens of leading retail brands, Leed’s continually introduces products with the look, feel and performance customers want, while our award-winning service and cutting-edge decoration capabilities provide a seamless experience from start to finish. As a founding member of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), Leed’s promotes quality, safety and integrity among suppliers and has been the recipient of many honors, including: 2014 Top Supplier of the Year by Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) and dozens of ASI Distributor Choice Awards. With global operations headquartered in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, Leed’s has been synonymous with excellence for more than 20 years.
Cool (& warm) Corporate Wear
Trimark Sportswear, a member of Polyconcept, is a leading developer and manufacturer of logo’d apparel for the Canadian and U.S. promotional industries. Trimark has been supplying high quality apparel for over 35 years. Trimark sells logo’d apparel across 9 different categories; Polos, Active Tops, Woven Shirts, Sweaters, Knits and Fleece, Vests, Jackets, Pants, and Bags & Accessories. From technical polo’s to 3-in-1 winter jackets, we have apparel to suit multiple needs with a wide colour and size offering combined with deep inventory. Trimark Sportswear has a very strong reputation, combined with an extensive distribution network.


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